Self-Care is Health Care!

Integrate Mind-Body Medicine Techniques into your life for self-care, self-love, optimal health, healing & stress relief.  

The Self Evolution Revolution

Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine, self-care and mindfulness practices help us to reduce stress levels, improve our coping skills and increasing our level of peace and happiness both within ourselves and in our world.   

Personal Growth

  As a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist, I help you learn to relax, de-stress, find peace and balance in the areas of mind, body, soul and spirit. 

 If you have a pressing illness I help you discover holistic remedies and become your healing companion so that you may participate in self healing. 

Transformational Retreats

Come, travel and transform with us.

We invite you to experience 10 days of inner exploration and healing in beautiful Peru. 

Documentary Film Invitation: 

Please join us and share a part of your life's story with the world. This retreat and film is a wonderful opportunity for sharing enlightenment and your personal story. Please Join us.

Discover Your Purpose

Learn Mindfulness

Learn a mix of mindfulness, creative expression, yoga, breathing and meditation techniques that elevate the quality of your life - not just in terms of success, money and health, (you'll achieve these also) but in terms of contentment, connection, kindness and happiness. 

Express Yourself

We explore mind, body, soul and spirit using art, movement and role-play.

We incorporate creative therapies such as painting, drawing, poetry, journaling, dancing, theater, film, photography and guided meditations to help you express your emotions, feelings, blocks, and any repressed emotions you are ready to release and transform.

Make Healthy Choices

Our work together is about connection in action - harmonizing your body, breath and mind, and connecting with yourself and others at a deeper level.  

During our consultation, we'll discuss the perfect set of self-care activities for you.  



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