The Alchemy Show

Welcome to The Divine Femme Forever  & The Alchemy Art Show

🌺The Alchemy Art Show celebrates and explores the modern process of human evolution through creative expression, sex, movement, ritual, sound & meditation.

It is inspired by the many forgotten representations of enlightenment in our world.

With this body of work, I am creating space for a new conversation, a new feeling, and a new visual representation of what it means to be Human on Earth. Remembering the Self is the Legacy we will leave behind. We honor the unity of both Masculine and Feminine energies here and seek to bring balance into existence through our collective works of art.

This mixed media collaborative collection of work can be viewed on Instagram @alchemyartshow

This is a sacred space where I share my original works of art and the works of other Artists around the world that I love, appreciate and admire. 
We have so much to share and celebrate together. My art is for sale at this time in our boutique. I am also an art collector so I buy some of the works I share. You can purchase the art you see in the show on the IG page by clicking the link provided and connecting with the Artist directly. #supporttheartists

My forms of Art:
I paint, make crystal art, create music with plants and design jewelry. I’m also working on my first book & documentary film The Sacred Journey Within

Art speaks if you listen. 
You may see something you like here. That’s not an accident. That means it’s for you! You can bring the loving, healing, creative, supportive energy of conscious evolution into your home by connecting with heart through art. 

I also share essential items to support your Evolution, Awakening Journey, Meditations, Rituals, and Self-Love Practice! 

Mind-Body Coaching, Art Classes, Crystals, Healing Jewelry, Wall Art, Amulets, Books, Journals, Sage, Healing Bath Salts, Palo Santo, Medicine Retreats, Goddess Retreats and more.

 Welcome to the Tribe!