Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
Goddess Circle
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Goddess Circle

Goddess Circle

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We're reclaiming Girls Night In! My Goddess parties are for everyday people who want to play and learn more about magic, metaphysics, crystals, tarot, moon energy, psychology, symbols, cosmic cycles, the power of sisterhood, friendship, and the magic of manifesting! 
You don't need a holiday to celebrate!! You can honor yourself anytime you want to! Call up your girls and let's have some fun.

Let’s Honor and Celebrate You!

My Goddess Parties are fun and interactive ceremonies for the modern-day liberated women, who’s ready to embrace her natural talents, fall in love with her beauty, and fully embody her creativity, sexuality, and playfulness. We woke up, broke the rules of what society told us we should be, and have evolved into who we are!   

I’ve redefined Friendship, Girls Night Out and In, Sunday Funday, The Day Party, and Tea Time to include magic, metaphysics, beauty, sensuality, energy healing, goal setting, manifesting and cosmic conversations. I teach you practical tools to consciously engage your group of friends in self-care, self- love, sisterhood, mutual support, and the celebration of each other's dreams, goals, and accomplishments.

The Divine Femme Goddess Empowerment Parties are the perfect way to celebrate yourself for being utterly amazing and to celebrate the greatness of your friends. My Goddess parties are magical, fun and customizable. They are perfect for special events like birthdays, bachelorette parties, girlfriend getaways, career promotions, and life's little everyday wins!

Sisterhood and Celebration are evolved activities that create even more success in your life. Divine Femme Forever Goddess Parties bring more celebration, sisterhood, support, connection into your life and creates space for you to honor your sacred gifts making space for you to be you. Goddess parties awaken the mind, body, soul, and spirit leaving you feeling happy, healthy, sexy, and connected empowered. Let’s celebrate the Goddess in us ALL! 

Party Themes

All my parties include  Mind-Body Medicine, Meditation & Breathing exercises for stress relief and inner peace. I include Tantra Yoga, Music, Foods & Elixirs, that arouse the senses. I share moon cycle rituals that balance hormones, activate sex drive, spark creativity, attract abundance and fertility in family and business.

The tools you’ll learn will help you to live happily, authentically, and take care of yourself and your beloved from the inside out. You'll cultivate and sustain a life of balance, personal power, and pleasure through self-discovery and personal practice. 

Online, Live & Virtual Parties

A Goddess Party Kit or a Goddess Art Kit with all the items you need to participate in the party will be mailed to the Host or Individual after payment is received.

Wild Divine Feminine

  • Chakra Healing
  • Chakra Dancing
  • Art Making - Painting, Jewelry, or Mandala Making
  • Meditation + Activity
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
  • Energy Healing Activities to Heal, Surrender and Forgive
  • Wild Goddess Photoshoot - Attendants dress up as their inner Wild Divine Goddess  
  • Indoors or Outdoors

Goal Friends Goddess Party

  • Goal Setting & Manifestation Exercises
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Guided Meditations
  • Video Vision Creation
  • Private Chef (Optional Upgrade)
  • Cupcakes & Champagne (Upgrade)
  • Business Branding Photoshoot (Link to photos will be emailed)
  • Girlfriends Tarot Readings  (Psychic Readings Available. Upgrade)
  • Mindset Business Building: Express your divine feminine power with confidence through dance, positive mindset, and having fun!
  • Business Branding, Future Self, CEO Headshots, Pin-Up & Boudoir Photoshoots

Divine Femme Forever Crystal Healing: Jewelry & Art Party

Fun with friends reimagined!!! Crystal Healing Jewelry Party is the perfect party for curating your crystal healing collection with friends. Hold crystals in your hands, meditate with them and place them on your chakras. Learn how to communicate with crystals, feel their energy and charge them form manifesting power. You can try on your favorite jewelry collections from the site and take photos of you and your guests adorned with high vibrating jewelry.

  • Energy Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Guided Meditation
  • Tantra Dance
  • Tarot Cards Intro
  • Crystal Healing 101
  • Crystal Art Making: Crystal Painting, Crystal Bracelet Making, Copper and Crystal Necklace Making or Amulet Making + Charging

 Green Goddess Party

  • Sexy & Fit
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Art Making - Painting, Jewelry Making or
  • Healthy & Beauty Product Making to take home
  • Meditation, Movement, Stress Relief
  • Kickstart your Wellness Challenge with Friends (Option)
  • Create Vegan or Raw Options Menu with Green Drinks & Plant-Based Food - To have food served at the party (Upgrade to include food + prep)
  • Food Served or Cooking Classes (Upgrade)
  • Personal Trainer with Pro Athlete Alicia Thompson (Upgrade)
  • Self-Care - Guided Meditation + Activity
  • Self-Love - Guided Meditation + Activity

Pussy Party A Celebration of the Yoni

  • Yoni Healing
  • YoniPainting
  • Sacral Healing
  • Tantra Dancing
  • Shadow Work
  • Womb Healing Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Cord Cutting Ceremony
  • Tarot for Pussy Power
  • Crystal Healing the Yoni. Crystals & Yoni EggsCrystal Egg Offerings (Upgrade)
  • Waistband Making (Optional)
  • This Party can be curated to Celebrate Moon Mensus and women's special connection to one another, Mother Gaia, and the Cosmos. 

Heart Opening Chakra Healing Goddess Party

  • Tantra Yoga
  • Guided Chakra Healing Meditation
  • Guided Heart Centered Meditation
  • Sharing Circle for Current Personal and World Issues
  • Cacao Ceremony to Expand the Heart
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Ceremony
  • Empath Evolution Meditation to Open to Psychic Abilities

Secret Society Moon Magic Manifestation

  • Secret Society Moon Party for Wild Magical Goddesses
  • Magic
  • Ritual
  • Metaphysics
  • Beauty
  • Photography + Video
  • Manifesting 13D
  • A Party For Really Wild Badass Goddesses who have moved beyond duality who cuss, drink, eat meat and use the words Muggles and Matrix to describe 3D Reality. This party ain't for everybody... Only the grown and sexy!

Details for All Parties 

An average party is 4-5 hours long. (I can stay longer by request. Upgrade)

I host weekend parties and week-long retreats in far-a-way countries also. Let's talk about your ideas and make them happen.

An average party has at least 7 people including the host. Larger groups are welcome. We can customize your party to include hundreds or thousands of people.  

Special Themes, Longer, and larger parties can be curated upon request.

Crystals & Artmaking Supplies included in the cost.

Menu Selection is separate and optional.

The Party Host receives a special gift from the Divine Femme Forever or Sharpe Gallerie chosen by Farrah and given at the party. 

The Host can book upfront or have each guest cover their participation individually.

A Goddess Party Kit with all items needed to participate in the party will be mailed to the host or individual.

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