The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching
The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching

The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching

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Heal. Grow. Awaken. Evolve.

Experience Happiness!

Healing From Within

The Sacred Journey Within is a year-long interactive wellness program designed to help you to relax, re-center, and refocus your life! 

Tantra Yoga and Mind-Body Medicine are both extremely effective tools in awakening to your true self and traveling the evolutionary journey within. Reunion with your highest self is an achievable goal in this lifetime. These tools have been used for thousands of years to help souls awaken spiritually and remember who they are.

This program is for people who are ready to explore higher levels of consciousness, engage in shadow work, embody life purpose, and awaken to Oneness, intuition, and creative gifts.

In our consultation, we will talk about your specific goals and I'll assist you in designing a personalized program based on your specific needs. 


In the beginning, we treat stress, unaddressed depression, unexplored anxiety, inner child situations, and health issues. Because most health challenges are caused by or aggravated by stress, Mind-Body Medicine works by enhancing our capacity for self-care and self-awareness, giving you control over your mind, and body and reconnecting you to your soul and spirit.  

The exercises we use in The Sacred Journey Within are used to create inner peace, relaxation, happiness, creativity, heightened intuition, pleasure, abundance, higher states of consciousness, attract your desires and transcend anything that holds you back. 

During our sessions, we'll enjoy many styles of talk therapy, guided meditation, dance, mindful movement, journaling and self-expression activities. 


We were never taught how to love ourselves. The Sacred Journey Within is a return to Love.

Whether your goal is to decrease stress, to find peace within, awaken from the Matrix and into your Supreme Self, to discover your passion, to live your purpose, to heal from illness or disease... It is my honor to assist you. 

Relax, Re-center & Refocus

Together, we focus on your mind, body, soul, spirit, sensual, creativity and happiness needs. We answer the Big Questions in life. 

We also explore your curiosity in the areas of sexuality, pleasure, love, death, ego, money, karma, family, goals, and personal success. Discover Who You Are! We use science-backed forms self-care, radical honesty, and self-love techniques which helps you to become intuitively aware of self-defeating habits and mental patterns that keep you stuck. 
Let's look deeper, you didn't find my site on accident. You're here because you're unique and you've got something special to share with the world. This is something that only you can do! I can help you unlock your gifts if you are ready to embody your purpose and live authentically and intentionally in our world.


Be Happy! Be Healthy! Be Whole!

 The process of returning to yourself is fun, you'll find your center and ground.  I use a wide variety of complementary and integrative healing techniques to empower you to take control of your emotional, physical, spiritual & financial health. My workshops and 1:1 Sessions are relaxing, fun, & enlightening.   You'll develop goals and attain them. You'll let go of your pain and become who you truly are. In the process, I'll help you to design a life that is passionate, fun, abundant, vibrant and free.  Let's peel back the layers that are holding you back and uncover your dreams.   

The Sacred Journey Within Year of Coaching + Shamanic Medicine Retreat

The Sacred Journey Within Includes

Mind-Body Medicine Therapy: 1 Year of Private Coaching Sessions.
  • 4 Seasonal Self Discovery Sessions
  • The Sacred Journey Within Workbook
  • The Sacred Journey Within Guided Audio Meditations
  • The Sacred Journey Within Online Course
  • The Sacred Journey Within Online Course
  • 12 - 1.5 Hour Monthly Sessions with Mind Body Medicine, Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and/or whatever is needed for your specific issue. Each session is unique for each individual.
  • Monthly Self Care Plans to map your journey and give you action steps to help you reach your goals.
  • Chakra Healing Journey
  • Personal Set of Chakra Healing Crystals + Healing Essentials
  • 4 Reiki Healing Sessions 
  • Astrological Chart Reading
  • Numerology Reading
  • Life Path Reading
  • Life Purpose Reading
  • Outer Beauty Makeover
  • Sacred Shamanic Healing Medicine Retreat or Tantra Yoga Retreat in Mexico or  Florida. (This can be a private retreat on request.)
  • Video Tantra Yoga Training
  • Tantra Walking Massage (In Person)
  • Text Therapy Questions included in each session. These can be used at any time. 

An average journey with me is 1-2 years and more depending on how deep & high you would like to go. You can bundle your SJW Sessions for long-term journeying. Ask me for details. 

Welcome to the journey of you. 

Coaching is open to all ages. 

Death Doula and End of Life Companionship available on The Sacred Journey Within. 

*No topic is off limits and all sessions are confidential. 

For clients living in the Portland area, in-person sessions are available. If you live outside of Portland we’ll have our coaching session via phone.

This convenient format offers you the opportunity to have focused & powerful sessions from the comfort of your own home or office – without the extra time or stress needed to travel for an appointment. In this way, my support is available to you wherever in the world you may happen to be.

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