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The Only Way Out is Within!

In September 2017 the group traveled to Cuzco, Peru, South America for a sacred Shamanic Ayahuasca medicine ceremony with Peruvian Shamans.The techniques we used are scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase inner peace and mental clarity. In various cultures throughout the world these techniques are used to reach enlightenment, achieve optimal levels of living, recover from traumas, maladaptive behaviors, and to awaken to a deeper level of the world on a mind, body, soul and spiritual level.
This 3-part heart-centered project includes a retreat, documentary film and book for mind-body pre and after care. 

A goal of The Sacred Journey Within project is to provoke new audiences of people to consciously connect with themselves and the world on an inner and deeper level. The Sacred Journey Within evokes deep questions about human existence, happiness, health, trauma, healing, sadness, wealth, love, sexuality, pain, religion, world issues and how this all relates to enlightenment, self-growth, and human evolution.

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My ultimate goal with this film is to bring awareness to the healing power of Mind Body Medicine, the sacred medicine Ayahuasca and the indigenous practices of the Peruvian People. I feel that self-care, self-love and the exploration of mind, body, soul and spirit is essential to healing and living a fully awake life.

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Please join me and several others on a journey of the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Five years ago I encountered a species of plant that grows deep in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. This magical teaching plant is called Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is also known as the Vine of the Soul. 

Thousands of people venture to the Amazon jungle yearly to participate in healing sacred Shamanic journeys with Ayahuasca. I have been involved in many sacred Shamanic ceremonies and can validate this powerful soul healing medicine. The potential for healing any ailments a person may be experiencing in the mind, body, soul, and spirit requires more research and the information must be shared with the public.  

We will be submitting this film to the Sundance Film Festival 2018.

I have dedicated my life to the study of mind, body, soul, spirit and awakening the sovereign spirit within myself and all people. With absolutely NO capital and NO promotional team, over the years we (myself & some amazing people) have managed to share the message of oneness, truth, love, and evolution with the world. Now we have a movie to share.   

Who are you?

Who am I?
Who is God?
What is my purpose?
Why am I here?
What do I want to achieve in life?
Why do I feel what I feel?
What is success? love? money? 
Why me? 
Why my family?
Why this path?
Why is my life this way? 

Everyone asks these questions at some time in life. Have you? Through a process of introspection, self-healing, awakening, and forgiveness, each person can connect with the deepest parts of their soul and truly know themselves on the inner-most levels. 

Enlightenment, Inner peace, happiness, abundance, joy, inspiration, connectedness is available. The plant as a teacher shares with the individual what needs to be seen for greater happiness, success, love, and soul evolution. 
The film will reveal how the FDA banned Ayahuasca in America in 1971 as research into its healing effects became a promising avenue for psychological research. At the time it was banned, research showed Ayahuasca produced positive effects in participants. Clients treated with Ayahuasca reported relief from inner suffering and the ability heal from traumatic events in the past. Some participants reported experiencing a spiritual awakening after ingesting Ayahuasca.
 Why does the FDA not want Americans to know this sacred medicine exists? Why is this medicine banned in the USA? 

This film is called The Sacred Journey Within because Ayahuasca provides a person with an opportunity to journey within. In a ceremony guided by trained Peruvian Shaman an individual can step away from everyday life and take a look within their own mind, body, soul and spirit. Why would this sacred experience be illegal? Why is it banned? 

DMT is classified in the United States as a Schedule I drug and in Canada as a Schedule III drug. In France, it is classified as a stupéfiant, along with all the plant sources for DMT. In the United Kingdom, it’s a Class A drug.
This story must be told. Why are plant medicines illegal?  

I know this is not a typical conversation, yet I have come across some important information I would like to share with you in a natural, unscripted documentary film format. I want you to experience this simple truth in its natural form. 

Shamanic Healing and work with the sacred medicines involve confronting one's inner truths, a deep healing of traumatic life experiences, an introspective look at addiction, abuse, sadness, unforgiveness, inner child work, soul retrieval, radical honesty, surrender, and self-love. It is challenging and healing work.


l am living proof of how we can change, heal and awaken. I am very different now than I was at 22. My life has been a rollercoaster of pain, sadness, separation and self-healing. 

This documentary film will feature me and seven other souls sharing a part of their life's journey and how the sacred medicine Ayahuasca assists in helping to heal deep-seated issues, traumas, sadness and pain in life. Ayahuasca helps the individual awaken to a deeper love. 

My ultimate goal with this film is to bring awareness to the healing power of Ayahuasca. I feel that self-care, self-love and the exploration of mind, body, soul and spirit is essential to living a full life.   

You Can Help make this film a Reality!

Let's eliminate the fear surrounding sacred knowledge.  Let's begin the conversation of truth, love and light. Let's show the research and have intelligent conversations about the evolution of mankind.

I would like to help to change what's relevant in the mainstream psyche of mankind and offer an alternative therapy to everyday suffering, sadness, and pain in life.  I want to help humanity to heal and Ayahuasca as a natural medicine can help.

I am asking for your help in raising money to help make this film a reality. I know they say on average we need $100,000 to complete a documentary film project like this, but I feel we can create this film for $25,000!

With all of us working together I know we can do it.
Please help. Anything you can share will be so appreciated.

We love You and Thank you in advance.

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*** Attention** 10% of all project earnings go directly to a fund for creating the Legacy EcoVillage and Off-Grid Community. This program will be created as a prototype for implementing sustainability into everyday life. ****

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