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Aether Vision Media & Performance Arts
Farrah Sharpe

Current and Past Projects. 

The Sacred Journey Within Official Teaser from Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT on Vimeo.

The Sacred Journey Within is an avant-garde documentary that brings together a group of women to participate in Mind-Body Medicine practices, Shamanic Ceremonies, Entheogens, and Rites of Passage Rituals in mystical sites across the world.

The movie follows the story of Farrah, a mind-body specialist, and artist who intuitively journeys with clients into their psyche to clear emotional trauma and existential crises that have occurred throughout their lives. As she journeys within her own psyche, she awakens to an illuminated, fractal, holographic reality of Oneness in which she discovers humanities darkest secret. In an artful filmic dance of poetry, alchemy, quantum physics, and shamanic wisdom; her ideas are woven together as a tapestry of truth. She embarks on a quest to create opportunities for other seekers to experience the power of awakening to their own truths within and the truth of humanities greater reality. 

This film explores controversial conversations surrounding Intersectionality, Religion, and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome while weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness, and activism. 

The Sacred Journey Within offers real solutions, empowering the viewer with real-life tools they can use to heal themselves from trauma, reclaim self-love, live their purpose, and become a guide in their communities for the healing our world.

Welcome to The Sacred Journey Within

We will be submitting this film to the Festival's worldwide, Netflix and Amazon when it is ready.

Follow the journey at:
IG @thesacredjourneywithin


One Woman A Short Film by Farrah Sharpe from Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT on Vimeo.

At the quantum level, we are all One. This is the story of a woman who remembers 3 of her many lifetimes. Oneself represents beauty, the other self represents aging, and the other self represents labels and judgments commonly given to women by society. These are all universal issues that bring women of all cultures sadness on a daily basis.

In the film she seeks to free herself from society's illusions of what she should be and to cleanse herself, birthing a new self-awareness. She chooses water as her healing agent and begins to remember herself. Ultimately, One Woman is the reincarnation of Planet Earth who is whispering trying to wake herself up in every woman. As in my favorite axiom "As Above So Below" this movie symbolizes the unity between Planet Earth and humanity. Filming this film was very healing to myself and to everyone involved.
Written & Directed by Farrah Sharpe

Tanesha Matthews
Julie Russel
Ayize Hanif

Music By. John Boswell ColorPulse Music

Director of Photography: Ahmad Muhammad Hassan
Edited by: Farrah Sharpe
Make up : Kenya Madison
Body Art: Krystal Zaskey

Real Embarrassing Boy Finds Late Night Relief from Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT on Vimeo.

Written & directed by Jake Dilly
Actors & Production Crew
MacManus Woodend
Farrah Sharpe
Cody Olivias

Greener Pastures from Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT on Vimeo.

Written & directed by Matthew Garrett Schwindt

Actors & Production Crew

Christopher Porzio
Farrah Sharpe
Chamolie Thomson
Coral Jazmin Morales
Melodia Aurora Morales

BLIND 8 Starring Farrah Sharpe 48 Hour Film Festival from Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT on Vimeo.

Filmed with 2 Guys Entertainment I wrote and starred in this film for the 48 Hour Film Festival in South Beach Florida.

We were given the task of creating a musical (we picked out of a and over the course of the weekend we had to write, cast, secure locations, film, edit and try and find time to use the bathroom and eat!

Oh and we won most creative musical! YAY! :D

This project kindled my desire to become a filmmaker. I still want to be... Let's make a movie!

Short Change from Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT on Vimeo.

Fairfield Iowa.
Written & directed by Matthew Garrett Schwindt 
Actors & Production Crew 
Farrah Sharpe
Cody Olivias
Jared Brown

Sacral Chakra Meditation by Farrah Sharpe from Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT on Vimeo.

I'm a poet & meditator... This is a combination of both of my passions.

It has been proven that the body is highly capable of healing itself. Binaural beats help to deeply relax the body and mind and assists in the process of healing. This meditation includes binaural beats and is best experienced with headphones. 
My inspiration for the music track was rooted in connecting with our Ancestors. I wanted to add in native drums and the vibration of the Earth... Our Mother... Gaia.

Farrah Sharpe

Root Chakra Meditation with Farrah Sharpe from Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT on Vimeo.