Soul Mate & Twin Flame Coaching
Soul Mate & Twin Flame Coaching
Soul Mate & Twin Flame Coaching
Soul Mate & Twin Flame Coaching
Soul Mate & Twin Flame Coaching
Soul Mate & Twin Flame Coaching

Soul Mate & Twin Flame Coaching

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Soul Mate & Twin Flame Coaching

Matchmaking | Love & Relationship Coaching

Are you ready for Love?

Are you looking for a companion, a soulmate or twin flame kind of love?  

If you've found this unpromoted page on my site... I bet you are!

Not many people know this but for years I have been working with people seeking all forms of love. My clients are women, men, trans, bi, straight, polyamorous, LGBTQ (and everything in between).

I help my clients to attract fun, adventurous, spiritual, open, free and fulfilling love relationships by becoming the best versions of themselves first. 

Soulmate Love, Twin Flame Love and fantastic relationships do exist. These relationships teach us many necessary lessons and lead us into passion, purpose, and fulfillment.

The Ultimate Life Lessons that lead you to Spiritual Awakening and Soul Evolution can be found in relationships

I work with singles, couples and those who are ready to experience a new level of love.   


What's the Process?


 Through our one-on-one sessions, I’ll help you navigate the complex world of dating and love and help you to attract a meaningful love relationship.   

Through our work together, you'll open yourself up to a world of new possibilities, you'll engage in new experiences, you'll meet new people and you'll begin to see your ability to attract love and to be a better lover in new and expanded ways.

How do I Help?


I help you to open to love, relationships, communication, and desire through mind-body medicine tools designed to help you discover your purpose and express your passions in life. You'll learn your sex style and become really clear on what you desire attracting many worthy and meaningful partners. 

Our work together is like having a best friend who speaks the language of energy and can see and understand your blocks with no judgment. (One of my many superpowers.)

Will you set me up on dates?


Our work can be done in 3 ways. 

1. Platinum Experience

I curate your love experience (hand pick with you) 3 lovers at a time based on our work together. We coach-date and go deeper into your dating process by (twice per month) going out to real-world experiences and social scenes where your optimal lover may frequent. There we will enjoy real-time coaching and feedback. Think Hitch with Will Smith. (If you haven't seen it, go watch the movie.) There are many options for multiple love experiences moving forward. 

2.  Golden Experience

 I help you learn to attract your perfect lover and or love experience through our coaching sessions.

3. Love Experience Parties

Every so often we have private parties. These parties are exclusive, invite-only and provide many opportunities to explore the lover in you. You can come, relax and connect. Weekend Getaways announced periodically.


Who do you work with?


I work with EVERYONE! 

All ages over 25. All races, all sexes, all spiritual and religious affiliations, and all sexual orientations. 

Strait, Bi, Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual, Pansexual, Asexual, Fluid, No Labels, Androgynous, Triads, Polyamorous Connections, and more.   

What Do the Results Look Like?


My clients have entered into long term relationships, marriage, some have had children, and some travel the world with their lovers. Some couples enjoy each other for a time and then part ways to find new loves to experience. I always receive photos and phone calls with updates from their adventures. The beauty of this life is that everyone wants something different. The sky has no limit and neither should you! It's time to go for what you really want and have it.

Why do you do this work?image1383

I do this work because I love it... and because no one has taught us how to love in a deep and authentic way. 

There's no rule book to love, romance, relationships, sex, happiness, integrity and living a healthy and fulfilling life.     

I have a natural gift for helping people to find love and this is why I do it.


The Love Experience

$200.00 Matchmaking | Love & Relationship Coaching

My service is special. I help you to uncover the places within you that block you from love and also help you to express your deepest and truest self which will help you to attract your perfect Lover, Soulmate or Twin Flame. I feel that some people enter our lives for a reason a season and a lifetime. Not all relationships are meant to last forever and with this in mind, I help people to unite in love, and I also help people heal from heartbreak. I have experienced much success while working with clients over the years and have decided to offer this service to everyone I work with.  

  What's Included:

  • 1 Matchmaking Session over Dinner or Lunch. (Payment for the meal and wine is negotiable. We can go dutch and sometimes clients pay. Just depends on the client. Both are available.
  • 1 Mind-Body Medicine and Energy Centering Session in your home or in Nature.
  • Recorded Heart Centered Meditation & Love Attraction Meditation
  • One 30 minute follow-up session to discuss date
  • 6 Text -Therapy Questions Weekly (To ask questions and to keep me up to date of your dates in between sessions.)

I help you to get clear on what you really want in a relationship through deep introspective conversations and questions.

I work one-on-one with each client, personally and confidentially. 

My Process 

I help you to reconnect to what’s important to you in love and in a relationship.     

I begin with getting to know you. It all starts with a phone call – a confidential conversation during which we talk about love, sex, what makes you happy and what you want in life. 

We either continue by phone (if you live outside of Dallas) or if you’re local we can meet at a coffee shop or restaurant for drinks and conversation. During this process of getting to know you, we have already begun the love attraction process.  

I’ll learn what you’re looking for in a potential partner, what’s worked for you in past relationships and – just as importantly – what hasn’t worked. We’ll talk in detail about your relationship goals, personal interests, hobbies and more.  

During our time together I will teach you meditations and centering techniques for your own self-care and self-love practice. This will set the foundation for a balanced and loving relationship, so you're ready and open when your lover shows up.      

 Then the real fun begins.. Now its time for you to start dating! 

The Dating Process

You’ll begin attracting potential lovers and will email, text or call me (based on our arrangements) and keep me up to date on who you’ve been attracting so that we can tweak your process. 

Remember, love and matchmaking are equal parts of introspection, being real with yourself and honest about what makes you happy, and what you really want in life. 

Love is an art, a masterpiece, and a major part of living an authentically happy life. Give yourself the gift of true love.     

Time frames vary based on individual consciousness. To begin the process 8- 15 Sessions are recommended. 

Have fun with Love

My love and matchmaking services are a fun approach to dating and I look forward to supporting you on your adventure of meeting someone new. 

I am honored to support you and am excited to be a part of your Love Life Journey.  

I can't wait to meet your future lover and enjoy conversation over dinner. See you soon.

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