Mind-Body Medicine Session
Mind-Body Medicine Session
Mind-Body Medicine Session
Mind-Body Medicine Session

Mind-Body Medicine Session

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Make Self-Love a Lifestyle

Healing From Within

Nothing in the outside world can bring you lasting happiness and joy. True happiness is an inside job. It’s a vibrational frequency of love that we remember and develop over time. 

Mind-Body Medicine 

Mind-Body Medicine helps by teaching techniques for self-care, self-love and personal development. These practices help you to reduce stress, improve resiliency, and increase your levels of inner peace and happiness.

What to Expect

During our sessions, we'll enjoy conversations about your life, your interests, your passions, your past, and your future. We will use many styles of mindfulness, meditation, art, yoga, dance, mindset training, mindful movement, journaling exercises, and other self-expression activities that help you to clear and balance in your mind, body, soul, and spirit.   

We talk about your specific goals and I'll assist you in designing a personalized self-love program based on your specific needs. 

We can and will have lots of fun together.

You can decrease stress, find peace, discover your passion, live your purpose, play with metaphysics, seek enlightenment, heal your chakras, attract your soulmate, explore love, sexuality, sensuality, touch, sound, art, healing, movement, psychic abilities, fears and phobias, magic, ancient wisdom, sacred medicines, heal from illness or disease, mend a broken relationship, or awaken to life in the 3D Matrix.... It is my honor to journey with you on your path. 

As a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist, I partner with you on your special inner journey towards wholeness, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Energy & Shadow Work

Our work is deep and mystical. I am the magical BFF you always wish you had. I am right by your side rooting for your success and offering you science-backed techniques proven to help you release stress, discover clarity, and balance all areas of your life mind, body, soul, and spirit.  

Mind-Body techniques lead to inner peace, enlightenment and physical success in the everyday world if used daily over time.

Our work together will help you to remove personal blocks, heal from hidden trauma, heal old heartbreaks, get to know your inner child, develop empathy, awaken your psychic abilities, awaken your Kundalini energy, open, heal, and balance your Chakras.

Life Purpose & Creative Expression 

What did you come to Earth to do?

Over time, I can help you to create a passionate business that you love, write your book or memoir, and explore a new creative aspect of yourself that wants expression.

Each person needs something unique. I help you to find what you need to move forward and take action on your goals and dreams. I help you to make self-directed, lasting changes, that will upgrade and align your life with your heart and your highest purpose.

I help my clients to open to the possibilities of life.  

And for those who are ready... I help them to Awaken to the deepest mysteries of life, soul and spirit. 

Together we develop a comprehensive self-care program that will enhance your capacity for happiness, success,  conscious awareness, love and fulfillment in life. 


       What's Included in a Session?

      An average session looks like: Any Mind-Body Medicine Therapies based on your personal growth needs. 

      Mind-Body Medicine 

      • Talk Therapy
      • Guided Meditation
      • Tantra Yoga Asanas
      • Somatic Movement
      • Art Expression
      • Ecstatic Dance
      • Self-Care Prescriptions
      • Sacred Medicines
      • Shadow Work
      • Crystal Healing
      • Reiki Healing
      • ThetaHealing

       Sensual Sexual Discovery & Exploration though Art & Conversation 

      Business, Life Purpose & Higher Abundance Coaching:

      Blog, Book, Business Creation from Beginning to Completed Project. (May consider more time for large projects.) 

       Are you ready to?

      • Learn to meditate?
      • Stop negative thinking?
      • Talk to someone you can trust with confidentiality?
      • Have a personal friend to help you heal an emotional wound?
      • Heal yourself from Depression & Anxiety?
      • Let go of negative self-talk?
      • Lose Weight?
      • Move Past Procrastination?
      • Become happier?
      • Become a doer?
      • Explore deeper parts of yourself? 
      • Unify your job & life purpose?
      • Live your dreams? 
      • Launch your "heart-centered" business?
      • Discover your passion?
      • Write your book?
      • Heal from dis-ease?
      • Heal a broken heart?
      • Let go of procrastination?
      • Discover your true self?
      • Attract your life partner, soulmate or twin flame?
      • Awaken your inner child?
      • Discover your creative nature?
      • Want to make more money and attract more wealth?
      • Find the behaviors holding you back?
      • Heal PTSD?
      • Heal from sexual abuse or domestic violence?
      • Learn Self-Love?
      • Learn Forgiveness?
      • Learn to eat healthy?
      • Go Plant-Based (Vegan)?
      • Go Pescatarian
      • Flex Health
      • Awaken your Chakras?
      • Develop your sensuality?
      • Develop a spiritual practice?
      • Develop a mind, body, soul, spirit daily happiness practice?
      • Learn yoga?
      • Travel more?
      • Heal your Chakras?
      • Do you want enlightenment?
      • (Insert what you need here) 

      (Yes you can do all of this and more) 

      Our sessions are fun and evolutionary. They are special and become exactly what you need them to be, intuitively.

      Cultivate your Life's Journey!

      Learn easy mind-body exercises that you can incorporate into your day for greater health, focus, and relaxation. 

      Enjoy a unique blend of guided meditations in your inbox, personal coaching phone calls, and cultivating your personal wellness journey. 

       I work with individuals, couples, children, groups and teams.

      Let’s discover what truly makes your heart and soul happy together.


      My Mind-Body portfolio includes:

      • Tantra Yoga Instructor
      • Meditation Teacher (Live Guided and Recorded)
      • Art Expression Workshops (Painting, Drawing, Mandala Making, Vision-Board Making)
      • World Travel & Group Retreats
      • Goddess Retreats 
      • Day Parties

      Coaching Specialties

      • Future Self
      • Life Purpose 
      • Self-Love
      • Chakra Healing
      • Sacred Medicines 
      • Spiritual Emergency 
      • Self-Mastery 
      • Optimal Wellness
      • Passion Coaching
      • Weight-loss Coaching
      • Enlightenment Partner
      • A Silent Listener

      Integrative Therapies

      • Mindfulness
      • Clinical Hypnotherapy 
      • Reiki Healing 
      • Crystal Healing
      • Chakra Healing
      • Meditative Movement 
      • Journaling 
      • Tantra Dance
      • Ecstatic Dance 
      • Chakra Dance
      • Guided Imagery
      • Text Therapy
      • Couples Reconnection to Life, Love & Sex 
      • Soul Retrieval
      • Past Life Regression 
      • Soul Mate Attraction
      • Break Up Therapy
      • Hug Therapy (For Couples)
      • Reiki Healing
      • Sacred Medicines
      • Intuitive Readings
      • Photography Therapy

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