Life is a Game!

Are You Ready to Play?

It's time  to Ask the BIG Questions. Who are you? What are you? What do you want out of life? What's your Purpose? Purpose? 


Yes, The Matrix is real! Now what are we gonna do about it? It's time to take charge of your life, make the big decisions, design goals and achieve them. The world needs your light!


I bet you were taught that to love yourself is selfish, right? We'll its 2018 we now know that loving yourself is the key to a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. I offer you the tools so you can set yourself free. Take the trip! Eat yummy, healthy foods and learn mind-body practices for everyday happiness & wholeness.  You deserve it!

Science-Backed Mind-Body Therapies

Secrets of the Breath

Reduce your stress and raise your energy, bring yourself into a clear focused, compassionate and positive state of mind. 

Mastering the Mind

Decrease worry, frustration, impatience,  and procrastination. Discover how your mind works and learn to create your reality. (Yeah, this is a thing) 

Scientifically Backed Results

Mind Body Medicine and Tantra Yoga are scientifically proven to create inner unity, increase happiness, optimism, and improve emotional regulation. 

These practices are medically prescribed to and decrease stress.

Conversations & Self Expression

Let's Talk About You

Awaken to a personal path of self-discovery, initiated and practiced through meditation and creativity.  

We use  conversation, wellness challenges, art expression as methods for communication with your consciousness. In this process you can learn to express the desires your true self.

Cultivate Authentic Happiness by Being Radially Honest with Yourself

Explore yourself thor ugh movement meditation, movement, emotional release, sound healing and chakra healing. Allow your happiness, sadness, and your deepest desires to flow out you and present themselves. 

Honor yourself and get to the core of  who you really are, what you really want and heal.  You can heal your inner child, manifest a future event, heal a past trauma, and create windfalls of abundance with our work together.  

You can be both strong and vulnerable as you peel back the layers of your innermost being revealing areas open for self-discovery and enlightenment and areas of your life that are closed and ready for transformation. 

Open to Your Creativity

By nature you are a creative being. This creativity is expressed in many ways. Our art-making sessions require no drawing or painting skills. This is not about the art you create, its more about your art-making process.

The Sacred Journey Within- Coaching Program


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This is not your average program. This program is designed for those who are ready to go deep within, awaken, heal and return with magic to share.

It's an honor to be a part of your self-care journey helping you to find your personalized map to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

I'm happy to be your Mind-Body Coach and soul companion on your journey towards happiness,  health, awakening to your life's purpose, passion, sexuality & creative bliss.  

We will enjoy 8 - 90 minute sessions together by phone, Skype, or in person.

Our sessions are fun, freeing, and along the way you will change your life and achieve your dreams. It's the natural process of the work we do together. Achieving your goals is the end result. We do it all through meditation, movement and creativity processes.  

This process can help you awaken to a new level of being. A new level of happiness, a new level of love. 

I speak from personal experience. Lots of wonderful, hard, sad, exciting, fun, ecstatic, blissful, enlightening life experience. 

This coaching program will prepare you for The Sacred Journey Within Yearly Sacred Medicine Retreat. *(separate travel fee's apply)  You will learn the necessary pre-care and after-care activities to be ready for the medicine journey. 

This coaching program is for everyone. 

You are not required to go on retreat to participate in this coaching program.

Discover Your Infinite Potential!!

Healthy women are the hub of a healthy world.

This uniquely individualized program offers:

  • Integrative Wellness Coaching
  • Tantra Yoga 
  • Meditation 
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy 
  • Meditative Movement 
  • Sacred Dance
  • Shadow Work
  • Soul Work
  • Journaling
  • Mindfulnes
  • Art Expression (Paining, Drawing, Mandala Making, Vision-Board Making)  Meditative Dance  Guided Imagery 
  • Reiki Healing 
  • Crystal Healing 
  • Chakra Healing 
  • Soul Retrieval 
  • Chakra Dance
  • Past Life Regression 
  • Soul Mate Attraction 
  • Break Up Therapy
  • Text Therapy  
  • Mindful Eating
  • Exploring Life Purpose & Passion Exercises
  • Spiritual Awakening Emergency Therapy  

Choose a few or use them all over time.

What's Included in a Session?

An average session looks like: Any of the above mentioned Mind-Body Medicine Therapies based on your personal growth needs. 

Mind Body Medicine 

  • Guided Meditation
  • Yoga Asanas
  • Somatic Movement
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Self-Care Prescriptions
  • Transwork 
  • Shadow Work


  • Sensual Sexual Discovery & Exploration though Art & Conversation 
  • Life Purpose & Coaching Coaching: Blog, Book, Business Creation from Beginning to Completed Project. (May consider more time for large projects.) 

Are you ready to?

  • Heal yourself from Depression & Anxiety?
  • Let go of negative thinking and self talk?
  • Loose Weight?
  • Move Past Procrastination?
  • Become happier?
  • Become a doer?
  • Explore deeper parts of yourself? 
  • Unify your job & life purpose?
  • Live your dreams? 
  • Launch your "heart-centered" business?
  • Discover your passion?
  • Write your book?
  • Heal from dis-ease?
  • Heal a broken heart?
  • Let go of procrastination?
  • Discover your true self?
  • Attract your life partner, soulmate or twin flame?
  • Awaken your inner child?Discover your creative nature?
  • Want to make more money and attract more wealth?
  • Find the behaviors holding you back?
  • Heal your PTSD?
  • Heal from sexual abuse or domestic violence?
  • Learn Self-Love?
  • Learn Forgiveness?
  • Learn to eat healthy?
  • Go Plant-Based (Vegan)?
  • Awaken your Chakras?
  • Develop your sensuality?
  • Develop a spiritual practice?
  • Develop a mind, body, soul, spirit daily happiness practice?
  • Learn to meditate?
  • Learn yoga?
  • Travel more?
  • Heal your Chakras?
  • Do you want enlightenment?
  • (Insert what you need here) 

(Yes you can do all of this and more) 

Our sessions are fun and evolutionary. They are special and become exactly what you need them to be, intuitively.

Cultivate your Life Journey!

Learn easy mind body exercises that you can incorporate into your day for greater health, focus and relaxation. 

Enjoy a unique blend of guided meditations in your inbox, personal coaching phone calls, and cultivating your personal wellness journey. 

Discover what truly makes your heart and soul happy and also what blocks your happiness. Feel the fear and do it anyway!


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 The greatest gift you can give to the world is the evolution of yourself.   

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